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Why partner with us?

Great question, and we definitely think you should be asking it!

We want to be the recruiters that we needed around us when we were candidates. It starts with being transparent, from beginning to end, offering support and always delivering feedback. We want to help You every step of the way and that starts with saying ‘hi’.

Step 1

Saying ‘Hi’

  • We reach out, often via LinkedIn or our network, to introduce ourselves and start a conversation about an opportunity.
  • You respond to an advert or contact us directly to talk about your next step (we really do mean it when we say we would love to hear from you!).

Step 2

Getting to know you better

  • We think the best way to start a new partnership is by getting to know each other better. That’s why for all candidates we schedule a short informal call. While you can expect us to ask a few typical interview questions (there might be one about your strengths) the purpose is so that we can know you better, support you better and represent you better.
  • You can ask us questions about the role and get to know us better!

Step 3

The Shortlist

  • We create a candidate shortlist, sharing with the hiring manager our recommendation of you along with your CV and ‘three proud points’.
  • You supply us with your ‘three proud points’.

Step 4

Interview Selection

  • We keep you informed while the hiring manager is making their decisions (because we know the waiting is hard!) and as soon as we know, you know.
  • You sit back and (try to) relax knowing that you have done everything you can.

Step 5

Pre-Interview Prep

  • We will help you prepare for your upcoming interview, offering you time with us to go over how you are feeling and work through key preparation areas.
  • You will be given the tools (and tips) to ensure you can present your best self.

Step 6

It’s a ‘Yes!’

We will reach out to tell you the (wonderful!) news as soon as we know. Our support for you doesn’t stop there, we will be there for you from contract signing through to the build-up to your first day (and beyond).

You can reach out to a team of people (who have done these things once, twice or fifteen times) for advice and guidance. We know that starting a new job, while incredibly exciting, can also be stressful so, should you choose, we can connect you with a member of our coaching network (for free!) to assist you with preparing for and settling into your new role.

Step 7


We will have a conversation with the hiring manager and make sure that they supply useful and constructive feedback, regardless of their decision.

You will receive feedback that is honest and specific to you because at the end of the day we know that the learnings from hearing ‘no’ just get us one step closer to hearing ‘yes’.

What do people think?

We know how important it is to hear from your colleagues, here is what they have to say about partnering with us.

I’ve really enjoyed working with the Wonderful Recruitment team, and have been impressed by the level of communication, honesty, and enthusiasm throughout the process. I will continue to look for a role with them.

Candidate Partner, 2022

The job hunting experience can be a bit intimidating but the Wonderful team really has your best interest in mind. Charlotte was supportive and remained in contact throughout the entire process answering all of my questions and offering great advice which boosted my confidence massively! I cannot recommend Wonderful Recruitment enough!

Candidate Partner, 2023

Kaylee and the Wonderful team were unfailingly helpful at every stage of the process: answering my questions, providing encouragement, and supporting me throughout my application. I have recommended their services to friends throughout the publishing industry.

Candidate Partner, 2023