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Our Story

With over 50 years of experience working in publishing, media and entertainment industries we have hired, trained and developed some of the finest talent. We absolutely loved almost all of it! The part that we didn’t love (and we know we aren’t alone in this) is where our mission started. . .

As hiring managers, we didn’t feel good about using recruitment consultants, when most of the time we were just left with a stack of CVs and no direction or support. The entire process was frustrating and often felt transactional, rather than a value solution.

As candidates, hired or not, we felt like commodities with our value determined solely on how likely we were to get ‘the’ job.

It was (and is) very clear to us that there is a lack of opportunity for interesting people from different backgrounds, who may think that they don’t fit the industry employee mold.

As employees we struggled to connect training, mentoring and coaching take-aways to our role, within our industry.

We can’t solve all this completely by ourselves. But we will try to offer practical solutions that create change so that the future looks more wonderful for everyone!

So, back to the mission. . .

We feel strongly about using our knowledge and experience to do it differently, have a positive impact, and make things a little more wonderful.

As recruiters working with hiring managers, we listen to you, search high and low for you, pre-screen all candidates for you, and challenge you to see the potential in people.

As recruiters working with candidates, we will treat you as an individual, hear you, advocate for you and make sure your next step is right for you.

We will work tirelessly to create opportunities for all talent to shine.

As development and learning partners we will make sure that our services are industry and role relevant, simple and high impact. We will support our partners visions and help individuals develop skills to reach their potential.

So, simply put, we started Wonderful Recruitment & Development because we want to be the partner for hiring managers, candidates and employees, that we always wanted.

What’s your story?

Our Team

Dan Shepherd


Dean Chance


Neelam Khosla-Stevens

Non-Exec Director for Diversity and Inclusivity

Kayode Josiah

Non-Exec Director for Talent

Karen Tomlinson Burling

Candidate Coach

Kaylee Wisternoff

Talent Acquisition Partner & Project Manager

Charlotte Haisley

Talent Acquisition Partner