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Why partner with us?

As your recruitment partner we bring unparalleled experience across the industry to provide you with talent that makes sense for your needs. We understand your jobs and, as standard, we always speak with our candidates to best be able to ensure a good fit for everyone.

Together we want to make a different (saying goodbye to a mountain of CVs) and build collaborative partnerships that supports fulfilling and positive experiences.

We make your job easier by. . .

Discovering talent

We meet every candidate and choose to be inspired by what they have to say and the difference they want to make in their career.

We think finding talent is the most exciting thing (no matter where it might be)! Whether you need someone to hit the ground running with specific experience, or you need new perspectives and skills to boost your team, there is so much great talent waiting to be discovered from both inside and outside of the industry.

We consciously strive to ensure that there is a level playing field when it comes to bringing talent to the industry. We ensure a diverse and inclusive hiring process.

Connecting you with talent

We are building networks and communities across media, publishing and entertainment industries.

We are always discovering talent not simply waiting for a vacant role. As a result, we have a wide range of interesting talent to inspire you.

Providing a creative solution to hiring

Creative thinking is required when recruiting. Our deeper understanding of the industry and the roles means we may surprise you with candidates and solutions you may not have been expecting. However, we never lose sight of what you need to achieve.

Growing talent

We don’t just see our role as finding and placing talent. Our philosophy is built around the full employee lifecycle. That’s why our development team is integrated into all we do.

What do people think?

We know how important making the right decision is when growing your team. Here is what your colleagues have had to say about partnering with us.

I really like that you know the candidates you’ve put forward [. . .] it’s helpful for me to know you’ve actually screened candidates, [with the] detail and care you guys have.

I think you asked all the right questions during the briefing stage – I really liked your question about ‘what would the successful candidate be doing in a years time’ and intend on totally pinching it when getting line managers here to think about their recruitment needs.

Client Partner, since 2021


It was interesting seeing how everyone interacted with each other and how everyone worked well as little teams despite the fact we were all put with people we wouldn’t usually work with.

The way you hosted it made it far more interesting and enjoyable than I expected. It felt like less of a team building exercise than I expected which was good, there was definitely still a team building element to the Away Day thing but strangely nobody seemed to notice.

Development & Learning participant, 2021